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BCutBody Includes:
  • Full Body Workout Program
  • Workout Training Calendar
  • Day-to-Day Training Log
  • Key To Transformation Guide
  • Superset Instructional Videos
  • 40+ Weeks of Program Choices
  • Flexibility Training Video (**BONUS!!)
  • Full Fat Burning Program (**BONUS!!)
  • Brendan's Personal Food Recommendations (**BONUS!!)
  • And A Whole Lot More!
"Discover The PROVEN Method For Building A Strong, Powerful, Athletic Body That TURNS HEADS... "
Hey Guys & Girls,

Brendan Meyers here... and I'm stoked that you're here.


Because you're looking for change... and I'm here to give that to you.

There's a huge shift happening in fitness. 

People have grown tired of all fitness fads, fancy machines, and boring gym exercises.

Top performers are making a shift towards real, raw movements, that not only build muscle, they build strength and athletic ability too!
Why Are So Many Now Using THIS Type of Training?
Athletes, actors and actresses, celebrities, and everyday people just like you and me are focusing on an extremely effective way to train your body...

It's known as the kind of training that gets superfast results, while exponentially improving your athletic ability.

What am I talking about?

Bodyweight Training!

People are finally waking up and realizing that there have been some components missing from their training.

You want more than just a great looking body with visible muscles... you also want
a body that is athletic and strong!
The Most Important Kind Of Weight To Lift...
A lot of people spend a lot of time lifting weights in the gym, and there are a lot of benefits to that...


So many have been doing gym training wrong that they can barely lift their own body weight when they need too!

It turns out, that's the MOST IMPORTANT kind of weight to be lifting

If you haven't been doing body weight training, then you've most likely been leaving much to be desired

Body weight training the way I show you, helps you pack muscle across your entire body, and real power and strength to USE it when you wanna perform any type of athletic activity
"Functional" Muscle Helps You Do Cool Stuff...
Most people know me from Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, where I post all sorts of pictures and videos of me doing cool calisthenics stuff...

You've probably seen me doing crazy flips, handstands, and fancy tricks on the pullup bars... I didn't build my strength to do all those things in the gym...

The CORE of my training, fitness, and pure STRENGTH revolves around a very specialized regimen of... you guessed it... Bodyweight Training!

My total athletic ability is directly tied to this training...

If you wanna be able to do this kind of stuff (as I do in my videos), you're gonna have to train your ENTIRE body like I do!
Why Pro Sports Teams, Elite Military Forces, and Even Super Heroes Use THIS Kind Of Training...
Bodyweight training has stood the test of time as one of the most powerful ways to get real results in your body.

There's a reason that elite military forces such as the Navy Seals use bodyweight training as part of their program... it works!

Even professional sports teams of all types are incorporating more bodyweight training into their physical conditioning programs.

Action movie stars and Superheroes use bodyweight training to get ready for their film roles.

Mixed Martial Artists use them to improve their athleticism.

Why do all these elite professionals use this kind of training?

Because it builds real functional strength, power, and ATHLETICISM to go along with their muscles and cut bodies!

If it's good enough for them...


You Want Real Strength, Power, and Athletic Ability Like Me?
Every single week my friends and I are out here having fun doing stunts on the bars and rings and doing acrobatic stuff with the girls on the AcroYoga green...  and there's always a few "gym rats" that show up and make an attempt at doing the fun stuff we do...

and you know what?

As muscular and strong as they look... 90% of the time they can't even come close...


Because they don't have the "functional muscle" to do so...

I'm not knocking them... I applaud them for getting out here and trying

But in most cases, after some failed attempts, they start asking me what they can do to train to do the kind of stuff I do...

What's my answer every time?

Bodyweight Training!

My BCutBody Training TRANSFORMS Your Entire Body:
  • Your Shoulders
  • Your Chest
  • Your Back
  • Your Triceps
  • Your Core
  • Your Legs
  • And Even Your Calves!
Build lean muscle mass on EVERY part of your body, while improving your strength, power, and athletic ability.

You'll build that "functional" muscle that you need to do all the cool stuff you see me doing!

My BCutBody Program will help you get noticeable RESULTS...

You'll start noticing a difference in your body in as little as 1 WEEK!

This Training Works for Guys AND Girls!
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Join Now And Get My Diet/Meal Plan
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60 Money Back Day Guarantee
Your purchase is backed by a 60 day guarantee!  When you follow my program, you WILL get results!
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We Want To Feature YOUR Success Story Just Like These (Yes, YOU Can Get Those GAINS Too)...
Pushes You To Be The BEST...

The first time I saw Brendan's posts on Facebook it was like "Wow I want to look like that." With his daily posts and different workouts that he shares, he has helped me get closer to where I would like to be. He pushes for you to strive to be the best you can be and that's what I try to do everyday!! Thanks Brendan!!

Quality Workout...

Recently I started using your short abs workout, at the morning when I don't have much time cuz I have to go to school and when I run out of time and I have to do a quick but quality workout !

Also you gave me a lot of ideas what to eat and how to cook, so basically you taught me a lot, there is a lot of people on youtube doing pretty much the same you are, videos about diet working out... But I just follow ones I like and you are one of them !


Thanks to Brendan Meyers. Yes, I have lost 70 pounds+ weight. I am happy and excited so much from my life. Thank you for your videos and programs.

Improved my physique
AND my confidence...

I've kept up so far with your workouts and this is where I'm at. 

I'm slowly shaping up my body, and my confidence has greatly improved.

20 Pounds Lighter...

This is only three weeks difference! 20 pounds lighter but way more fit now! Thanks for all motivation! Haha excited for this new life change and to continue to see new progress!

You Gave Me All The Inspiration To Get Fit...

I've been following you for a while and basically you gave me
all the inspiration to get fit. Yeah I've been hitting the gym hard and eating right

Well I guess I've been battling weight issues my whole life but after finding your page I really started to realize that I have to capability to transform my body into something amazing. It's been long journey though.

You've Already Changed My Life...

You've already changed my life to an extent which I can't describe..

I've been through some tough times following a serious injury (broke my left arm twice in the same place within a space of two weeks). I really found it hard to go back to where I was, but thanks to you and a few others, I'm much better than I was, feeling confident, strong and living life to its maximum like never before. That's why I must genuinely thank you for everything.

Transforming My Body...

Here are 2 photos of my journey in transforming my body.. I just wanted to thank you for the motivation and everything you've done this years to help people..

On My Way to Achieving the Physique of My Dreams...

I haven't finished yet, I'm still far from where I want to be. You have given me many tools to achieve my goals. I continue to use them everyday as well as live by a code. Never say you can't yet.

Gained 65+ Lbs of

I am Khaled, 15 years old. I gained 21 kg (46-67 lbs) from only calisthenics and no supplements. Your photos and transformation inspired to push harder. The tutorials helped me a lot in my training. Thank you

Learned to NEVER GIVE UP!

For the past year I have followed Brendan’s videos, programs, and motivation. It has been the fuel to not only better myself, but to never give up, thank you Mr. Meyers for everything you do.

And many, many more...

Simply put, your satisfaction is guaranteed. When you take action and follow the training sessions I share with you in my BCutBody program,  YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

Get Instant Access To All This:
The BCutBody Bodyweight Training Program is a specially designed online training system designed to help you build that Strong, Powerful, Athletic, Cut Body!

You will gain instant access today to the member area that includes the downloadable daily training guides outlining the exact exercises you need to do each day, along with how many sets, and how many reps for your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and more!

You'll also get instant access to the VIDEO workouts with me where I show you exactly how to perform the exercises with proper form and intensity to get MAXIMUM results!

You can do these workouts at the gym, at the park, or wherever you want, as long as you have access to a pull-up bar and dip bar (or even two chairs if you're at home)!

Each workout will build upon the previous and you'll feel a difference in your strength, power, and athleticism in as little as a week, as you take consistent action!

Get instant access below and start your workout with me today!
Here's What BCutBody Includes (A LOT!):
  • Full Body Workout Program
  • Full Cardio Fat Loss Program (**BONUS!!)
  • Flexibility Training Program (**BONUS!!)
  • Key To Transformation Guide
  • Superset Instructional Videos
  • 40 Weeks of Program Choices
  • Day-to-Day Training Log
  • Workout Training Calendar
  • Brendan's Personal Food Recommendations (**BONUS!!)
  • Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Training
  • Access It Anywhere In The World
  • And A Whole Lot More!
Now It's YOUR Turn To Get That Strong, Powerful, Athletic Body That ALL Your Friends Will Admire...

By purchasing BCutBody now, you'll get instant access to my full Bodyweight Transformation Program for a one-time VIP discount off the normal price of $197.00 until the countdown expires!

That means you get lifetime access right now for 1 easy payment of $97

I look forward to welcoming you into my family full of positivity, full of consistency, full of dedication, and full of RESULTS!

P.S. Imagine how awesome it will be to look back and celebrate all the amazing results you and I have achieved TOGETHER!
Yes, Brendan, I'm Committed To Finally Getting My Super Strong, Athletic, Dream Body NOW!

Join Now And Get My Diet/Meal Plan
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60 Money Back Day Guarantee
Your purchase is backed by a 60 day guarantee!  When you follow my program, you WILL get results!
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
*Money back guarantee does not apply during free meal plan promo. Promotion is only for those who intend to put workout program and meal plan into action to get results.
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